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Expand in the Dubai & UAE & UK & EU Markets

Revolutionising the Way Businesses Expand into the UAE, UK and EU Markets 

About this event

  • 2 hours

  • Online and in-person from Dubai & London

DisruptX UAE is a virtual networking event that connects UAE businesses with investors, partners, and opportunities in the UK market. With a real network of business investors actively seeking good business opportunities of any kind, you'll have the chance to connect with individuals willing to invest their own money, time, focus, and experience in your business. Making it easier and more affordable for you to expand your business into the UK and EU markets.

Regular Event

Soon with exclusive benefits!

Upcoming Events

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Why to join DisruptX

🚀 Network with industry leaders and innovators
💡 Gain insights into emerging trends
💼 Explore business opportunities
🌍 Connect with a global community
📈 Access funding and investment resources
🌐 Expand your reach and influence
💬 Engage in meaningful discussions
🧠 Learn from experts and thought leaders
🌟 Showcase your startup or business
👥 Collaborate with like-minded professionals

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